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Humanity before Ethnicity

Welcome! Welcome in Amharic

Welcome to our website for the Solidarity Movement for a New Ethiopia.  As you look at the many different faces of Ethiopians shown above, you will see a reflection of the New Ethiopia we envision for the future, where the beauty, uniqueness and inclusion of all Ethiopians are valued and acknowledged. You may not know the age, the language, the ethnicity, the religion or the background of those pictured, but we do know that each is a human being, worthy of respect, dignity and basic rights as equal citizens and members of Ethiopian society.

These people symbolize the many faces of Ethiopia that create a beautiful garden of humanity within our borders.  This is what the Solidarity Movement for a New Ethiopia is about—putting the people first.  It is not a solidarity of a tribe, a class, a language, a religion or a region, but of all Ethiopians who believe that one’s own freedom, justice, peace and opportunity is best preserved and enhanced through the protection and advancement of the freedom, justice, peace and opportunity of their fellow citizens.  This is a movement that calls Ethiopians to reach out to each other in reconciliation, compassion and acceptance.

The image of Ethiopia to the rest of the world is a negative one for we are known for our poverty, starvation, homelessness, conflicts and endless suffering. We bear some responsibility for our misery for we have failed to love, value and respect others and to fear God and His moral law. This failure is not ours alone, but has been greatly worsened by past and present leaders who exploit the people for their own self-interest.

These leaders and their elite colleagues, as well as the rich and powerful nations in the world who may ignore our call, may abandon Ethiopia, but God will never abandon Ethiopia and its precious people. This is the foundational belief that undergirds the Solidarity Movement for a New Ethiopia and it is our duty to revive and transform our nation with the blessing of our God.

Greeting in Amharic