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Humanity before Ethnicity

Raising Awareness

Central to garnering support is the raising of awareness of the problems facing Ethiopians and the possible solutions needed to address such problems. This work must include equipping Ethiopians and non-Ethiopians with the information, research, documentation, real-life stories and resources that will enable them to take active, meaningful steps to promote peace, justice, democracy, equality and liberty for Ethiopians. 

Various vehicles for raising awareness include:

  • Media. We envision creating a means for the “voices of Ethiopians” to reach those in the mainstream international community. We will use communication tools such as radio, TV, Internet, newspapers, magazines, blogs, online advocacy between individuals and organizations, and other forms of technology.
  • Radio Ethiopia. If funding becomes available, we intend to set up a “Voice of Ethiopia” radio station with identical programming that can be transmitted to all regions of Ethiopia, in the language of the local people who may not understand Amharic. Programming will cover such topics as reconciliation and other pertinent issues, along with the principles of the SMNE based on these truths: humanity before ethnicity; no one is free until all are free; we have more in common than we differ; and we all want peace and freedom.
  • Education. We will introduce the issues affecting Ethiopia in curriculum, forums, lectures and public information gatherings throughout the international community.
  • Popular culture. We will encourage gifted Ethiopians to use the arts to create platforms for informing, inspiring, causing reflection or provoking action through music, poetry, literature, theater, art, music or dance.
  • Public action. We will use mass rallies, demonstrations, urgent-action campaigns and other such publically visible actions or forms of non-violent resistance to promote awareness, support and pressure for peace and reform in Ethiopia.
  • Research. We will develop tools for advocacy by researching issues, facts, conditions and events.