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Humanity before Ethnicity


Individual Memberships: Any individual who agrees with the unity statement of the SNME and is willing to work in cooperation and in good faith toward these goals is welcome to join the SMNE by signing your name to this statement. 

To become a member of the SMNE, please enter your contact information in our membership form.

Organizational Memberships: Local, state, regional or national organizations whose members agree with the SMNE unity statement and who agree to work cooperatively and in good faith with the SMNE are invited to submit a signed statement from the organization acknowledging such agreement.

Members, as individuals or as representatives of organizations, will be invited to take part in any annual SMNE assembly and in other opportunities as they become available.  All individual members and member groups will receive regular notification by email about the work of the SMNE, other related programs and opportunities for additional involvement, particularly at the chapter level or as a member of a working group. Members will be welcome to participate in scheduled discussions regarding the strategies, program and the general direction of the Solidarity Movement for a New Ethiopia.