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Humanity before Ethnicity

Goals and Objectives

  1. To build a healthier, more inclusive society in Ethiopia where all people are valued and where the rights of all Ethiopians are respected and advanced.
  2. To bring reconciliation between divided and alienated Ethiopian groups both in and outside of the country.
  3. To attempt to prevent genocide should the EPRDF government collapse. The SMNE will challenge hate-mongering speech and other behaviors that could lay the groundwork for violence, bloodshed and chaos.
  4. To bring about an end to human rights abuses, the imprisonment of political prisoners, tyranny, injustice, corruption, impunity, cronyism, tribalism and oppression. It will work to open up of political space, with the aim of achieving free and fair elections as well as transparency and accountability within the Ethiopian government and major institutions in Ethiopia.
  5. To bring greater awareness to the international community regarding the crisis within Ethiopia, advocating for help in promoting freedom, justice, human rights, the rule of law, and free and fair elections in Ethiopia.
  6. To better document human rights crimes perpetrated, instigated or tolerated by the current government to different people in different locations within the country. To raise awareness, calling for urgent action and compiling a legal case showing a pattern of genocide, crimes against humanity, war crimes and other human rights violations in violation of international human rights laws and the Ethiopian Constitution.
  7. To identify key experts to form think tanks to begin to examine and make plans to address potentially critical forces impacting Ethiopian society, such as those arising from issues related to security, national reconciliation, ethnicity, the food crisis, political prisoners, the economy, corruption and good governance.  
  8. To exert pressure on the Ethiopian government, using the influence of democratic donor countries and other resources when necessary and possible, to persuade the government to come to the table for genuine dialogue leading to meaningful change.
  9. To establish a national Ethiopian institution for justice, reconciliation and peace that will act as a watchdog to guard and advance the principles set up within the Solidarity Movement.