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Humanity before Ethnicity


Our advocacy work involves:

  1. Raising awareness about human rights violations, injustice and the lack of freedom in Ethiopia
  2. Creating strategic alliances between like-minded groups in order to strengthen each others’ work
  3. Advancing a Global Campaign where leaders, elected officials, organizations, the media and the general public are encouraged to take meaningful action at the local, regional, national or international levels to accomplish the mission of the SMNE

Other areas of advocacy may also include addressing economic injustice, corruption and the lack of transparency, all of which are rampant within Ethiopia. A primary problem also involves the lack of land ownership, which is non-existent in the country. If the government or the more powerful want possession of land, property or resources, people can be displaced, lose their lives, their possessions and livelihoods simply because some project is being advanced by the government without regard to the people. These issues are indicative of the lack of peoples’ rights, and it is within the role of the SMNE and their supporters to advocate for them. 

Advocacy Roles

Leadership within the SMNE will assume a large degree of responsibility for such advocacy efforts, but it is also expected that Ethiopians, scattered in new countries across the globe, will significantly engage in such efforts within their new countries. Additionally, as Ethiopians fulfill their duties as citizens of these new countries, they may be able to use those same rights to contact their elected officials to solicit their support for positive change in Ethiopia, where many of their families and friends still live. By working together, we raise the scope and degree of our influence exponentially.

Once we have solidified local, regional or national bases of support through raising awareness, creating working partnerships and through advocating for specific actions, we can encourage national leaders to work together with other international partners to better enable us to accomplish our goals for Ethiopia.