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Humanity before Ethnicity

Global Campaign

A global advocacy campaign is an important component of the SMNE strategy. This effort will mobilize partners in the international community to work together in building a peaceful, free and stable Ethiopia, Horn of Africa, Africa and world. We will reach out to key individuals, government entities and organizations in the United States, Canada, Europe, Africa and throughout the world with up-to-date information on issues of vital concern regarding Ethiopia. Along with this, we will present specific requests for action on their part. This is a primary strategy of the SMNE in achieving our goals.

It has become clear that in this global village we live in, gaining the support of one powerful institution or government like the US, the EU or the UN will not be sufficient to bring about a genuine and sustainable democratic system in Ethiopia. Instead, we are hoping to engage a more broad-based collaboration of international participants, with whom we can work to bring peace, reform and stability to Ethiopia, the Horn, Africa and beyond.