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Humanity before Ethnicity

SMNE Articles and Opinions - 2010

Mr. Obang Metho is the primary author of these articles, but many are also written with the collaboration of other members of the SMNE team.

December 29, 2010
Kenya must Stop Persecuting Ethiopian Refugees in collaboration with the Ethiopian Regime
Joint Press Release of OACC and SMNE
Solidarity Movement for a New Ethiopia and Oromo American Citizens Council call upon and urge the Government of Kenya to immediately stop persecuting and harassing Ethiopian refugees, particularly the Oromo, Amhara and Somali Ethiopians currently residing in the United Nations High Commission for Refugees refugee camps in Kenya.   read...

December 24, 2010
Reaching Out to Spread Joy on Christmas!
Christmas greetings from the Solidarity Movement for a New Ethiopia to our Ethiopian brothers and sisters of Christian belief as many gather together for religious services and meals with family and friends to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ.  At the same time, many non-Christians will celebrate this day as a secular holiday—as a time to “bring some joy” to family and friends around us through sharing food, greetings, good will, gifts and time together.    read...

December 15, 2010
Ethiopia's Land Issue
BBC Business Daily
Business Daily looks at one of the boldest land investment programmes in Africa. The Ethiopian government is aiming to lease out farmland to foreign investors. But what do the local people think?   read...

December 13, 2010
Video of Anuak Genocide Survivors
On December 13, 2003, members of the Ethiopian military from the ENDF’s 43rd Division entered Gambella town in southwestern Ethiopia. Over the course of three days, they sought out, tortured and killed 424 men, burned houses, and scattered families. Since that time, the genocide and crimes against humanity have continued, raising the death toll between 1,500 and 2,500, and causing more than 10,000 Anuak to flee. This video presents detailed accounts or testimonies of the Anuak genocide survivors.   view...

December 11, 2010
Ethiopia: The Anuak's Forgotten Genocide
The Huffington Post - Alemayehu G. Mariam
As you know, November and December are very sad months for Ethiopians. In November 2005, following the election that year, hundreds of unarmed demonstrators were massacred in the streets. The world knows a lot about those crimes. But I am not sure if too many people other than the Anuak remember what happened in December in 2003.      read...

November 25, 2010
A message of “thanks-giving” to all members, Supporters and friends of SMNE throughout the world
Thanksgiving greetings to all our Ethiopian family in the United States and throughout the world from the leadership of the Solidarity Movement for a New Ethiopia (SMNE)! This American traditional holiday, usually celebrated by having a meal with family and friends, is a day set apart from all others to show gratitude to both God and our fellow human brothers and sisters who have contributed to our lives in many ways. We in the SMNE want to take this opportunity to send a message of “thanks-giving” to all our members, supporters and friends throughout the world.      read...

"" read in Amharic

November 10, 2010
SMNE’s Responses to the following statements by the Chief Executive Officer of the Karuturi Global Ltd, Mr. Sai Ramakrishna Karuturi:

  • No one has been displaced.
  • They chose Gambella as it is relatively thinly-populated.
  • Ethiopia has 80 million hectares of arable land and only 12 cultivated.
  • There was discussion of relocation of the people of Elliah [Ilea]


"" read in Amharic...

October 7, 2010
SMNE UK Conference on Land Grabs Rallies Support from Diverse Ethiopians
If at the end of a conference you see many of the participants and speakers embracing one another, laughing and exchanging personal contact information, an observer might judge the event a pleasant success. However, when such a reaction is between previously estranged or isolated Ethiopians—like Tigrayans, Oromo, Amhara, Sidamo, people from the Southern Nations, Muslims, Christians, Separatists, Ethiopianists, dark-skinned, light-skinned, armed movement advocates or peaceful struggle advocates; it really means something! As Dr.Shigut Geleta, a top official in the OLF, summed it up, “This kind of thing never happened before!” read...

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Land Grabs, Human Rights Violations and the Repression of Political Rights in Ethiopia
The United Kingdom Branch of the Solidarity Movement for a New Ethiopia Presents a Two-Day Conference
28-29th October 2010

Poster                     Conference Agenda

October 18, 2010

Dear District Attorney Machen Jr.,

Ali Ahmed Mohammed

We are contacting you on behalf of the Solidarity Movement for a New Ethiopia (SMNE), an international social justice organization; committed to defending the rights of Ethiopians both in the Diaspora and within Ethiopia. We want to alert you to our serious concerns regarding the recent violent assault and subsequent death of a 27-year-old Ethiopian man, Ali Ahmed Mohammed, in Washington D.C. on October 15, 2010 at the hands of the owner and four employees from the nightclub, DC 9.     read...

October 7, 2010
Birtukan is Still Not Free!
She Has Only Gone from One Small Cell to a Larger Prison—
If all Ethiopians are to be Freed, the Responsibility Now is Ours!

Over the last few days, Ethiopians all over the world are rejoicing at the release of Ethiopian political leader and heroine, Birtukan Mideksa. The Solidarity Movement for a New Ethiopia and its members and supporters join in celebration of this day with her, her family and countless Ethiopians who have worked and prayed for her release ever since this courageous and morally principled leader was found guilty in December of 2008. Her crime?—being truthful when this regime, who covers up their own crimes with deceit, expected her to become part of that cover-up!  read...

October 6, 2010
Ethiopia frees opposition leader Birtukan Mideksa

Birtukan Mideksa

Ethiopia's best-known opposition leader was released today after spending almost five years in jail in what many consider to be a politically-motivated case.
Birtukan Mideksa, 36, a former judge, was driven in a police van from Kaliti prison to her home in a modest suburb of Addis Ababa shortly before noon. She had been serving a life sentence for treason related to the 2005 election dispute, but was released after requesting a pardon, the government said.     read...

October 6, 2010
Birtukan freed! Accorded a hero's welcome

Obang and General Ward
Ethiopian opposition leader, Birtukan Mideksa
speaks to reporters from the window of a prison
van after being freed from prison in Addis Ababa,
October 6, 2010. REUTERS/Stringer

Birtukan Mideksa, prominent Ethiopian political prisoner, was freed today from almost two years of absurd imprisonment---a blatant abuse of power by the EPRDF, specifically PM Meles Zenawi. She was accorded a hero’s welcome by family, relatives, friends and supporters. A press conference is due in few hours where her terms of release will be detailed.
Here is a synopsis of what had happened since mid- December 2008:     read...

October 3, 2010
New Bridges of Friendship Emerge from Participation in African Policy

Obang and General Ward
Mr. Obang Metho and General William (Kip) Ward,
Commander/US Africa Command
Photo: Horace Henry, Atlanta, Georgia

A week ago the Solidarity Movement for a New Ethiopia’s Executive Team Leaders sent out an appeal to SMNE members to raise funds to send SMNE Executive Director, Mr. Obang Metho, to the Leon H. Sullivan Summit; entitled, “Africa Policy Forum: A Vision for the 21st Century,” intended to bridge the gap between Africa, the U.S. and citizens in both places. This conference, held in Atlanta, Georgia from September 24th to 28th, the invites included eight heads of African states—like President Jonathan Goodluck from Nigeria, former President John Kufour of Ghana and President Paul Kagame from Rwanda—as well as state dignitaries, celebrities, activists and delegates from Africa, America, Asia, the Caribbean and Europe.      read...

Link to Megalommatis article
read in Amharic...

September 30, 2010
Open Letter to Gennet Zewide, Ethiopian Ambassador to India

Dear Ambassador Gennet Zewide:
The people of Ethiopia have a question for you and the government of Ethiopia you represent, “Why are you giving away our land to foreigners?”

Recently, during an interview on Indian TV you made an outrageous offer to lease some of the most fertile land in Ethiopia to Indian investors; promising them long-term leases, government perks and land at giveaway prices. You said, “You don’t have to buy the land in Ethiopia because the government gives you the land for an almost negligible lease price for 25 to 50 years, which is then, of course, renewable. There are other government incentives as well.”

This offer was made without consulting the people in a land where any protest is criminalized, where the people have no democratic rights and where citizens cannot own land!       read...

September 18, 2010
An Open Letter to Columbia University Students and Faculty
Dear President of the Student’s Union, Columbia University students and faculty:
My name is Obang Metho and I am writing to you, first and foremost, as a fellow human being who believes that the future well being of our global society rests in the hands of those among us who can put “humanity before ethnicity,” or any other distinctions that divide and dehumanize other human beings from ourselves; inspiring us to care about these “others;” not only because of the intrinsic God-given value of each life, but also because “none of us will be free until all are free.”     read...

September 15, 2010
Open Letter to Professor William Easterly, Development Research Institute, Aid Watch, New York University
Dear Professor Easterly:
We in the Solidarity Movement for a New Ethiopia, a non-violent, grassroots social justice movement of diverse Ethiopians committed to bringing truth, justice, freedom, equality, accountability and the respect for human and civil rights to the people of Ethiopia and beyond, are contacting you to ask your assistance in response to Columbia University’s invitation to Meles Zenawi to be a keynote speaker at their African Leadership Forum on September 22, 2010, despite his abysmal record in suppressing the peoples’ struggle for true democracy.     read...

We need your help!

Our ability to continue and expand our work depends on the financial support we receive from foundations and individuals like you. We receive many affirming words from Ethiopians and non Ethiopians, telling us not to give up the work, but only a few back up those words with a willingness to share in the costs. If you have done both we truly thank you! No amount is too small.

We all know that this intensive work cannot be done totally on a volunteer basis. Some have to devote themselves full time to it. We cannot hope to accomplish our goals in this difficult struggle for freedom and justice without tangibly investing in our success. There are costs involved. We hope to find people who could contribute at least $20, $50 or $100 per month. We are unable to follow through on many opportunities because there is no funding. We can only accomplish this huge task if you, and others like you, are willing to help.

It is a top priority of the SMNE to maintain the highest ethical standards and accountability in the use of any funding. We utilize the services of a professional bookkeeper and a Certified Public Accountant, both of whom specialize in non-profits. Anyone who contributes can rest assured of confidentiality. Neither your identity nor your personal information will ever be disclosed to the public.

Remember, your contributions build the road that will lead to bringing freedom, justice, opportunity, peace and prosperity to the people of Ethiopia! Can we count on you to do your share? Please donate today!

September 10, 2010
May All Ethiopians Have a Blessed New Year and to all our Muslim Brothers and Sisters, Eid Mubarak!
The Solidarity Movement for a New Ethiopia wishes Ethiopians of every ethnicity, religion, region, economic status, gender, age and viewpoint a wonderful and blessed Ethiopian New Year; hoping this will be a meaningful time to reflect on how each of us might become part of building a more loving, caring, just and free society in Ethiopia and in the Horn of Africa for all people during the coming new year.     read...

Link to Megalommatis article
read in Amharic...

September 8, 2010
Detained Ethiopians in Japan Released from Custody! Part II
Ethiopia’s future has never been less secure due to the simmering anger, outrage and dissatisfaction right under the surface. Life has never been more difficult for the majority despite its many assets. Ironically, Ethiopia, which is now claimed to be the second poorest country in the world according to the results of Oxford’s study on Multi-Dimensional Poverty, is also one of the most resource rich countries in the world. Many foreign countries and investors are avidly seeking a share in developing our natural resources and Japan is one of them; yet, 90% of our population lives under intense poverty—not lessened in 2010, despite Meles and his governments’ claims of double-digit economic growth. This is all accompanied by harsh repression; making Ethiopia a prison to its own people. We must look within and ask ourselves why does this continue?     read...

September 3, 2010
Detained Ethiopians in Japan Released from Custody!

We have just heard some very good news; the Japanese government has now released the last of the 17 known Ethiopian asylum-seekers being detained at Japanese Immigration Detention Centers in Japan—some of whom were being held for over two and a half years! In fact, one of the officials from the Japanese Minister of Justice’s Office, with whom Ethiopian community leaders in Japan and I had met in May, contacted me on August 31, 2010; personally informing me that all the Ethiopians being held in detention have now been released!      read...

Link to Megalommatis article
read in Amharic...

August 31, 2010
Run for Birtukan - September 19, 2010 in Tuebingen, Germany

Today I would like to ask you to participate in the 1st Annual Run for Birtukan. Whether you choose to walk, run, this event is a great way to get some exercise in support of free Birtukan and all Prisoners of Conscience in Ethiopia.  Birtukan Mideksa, an Ethiopian prisoner of conscience who is facing life imprisonment for speaking out against an oppressive government. Birtukan is an opposition leader of the Unity for Democracy and Justice (formerly Coalition for Unity and Democracy) party and is advocating for democracy and rule of law in Ethiopia. Birtukan has a five year old daughter, Hale Mideksa, in the care of her ailing seventy-five year old mother as she languishes in jail at this very moment.    read...                read in Amharic

August 24, 2010
Please Consider Becoming a Member of the SMNE
Dear Friends and Colleagues,
I am contacting you because you are one of those who has already enabled the work of the Solidarity Movement for a New Ethiopia (SMNE); not only through your counsel and encouragement, but also through your willingness to provide concrete support. I truly thank you for being part of the SMNE, your contributions are greatly appreciated, but today, I am writing to ask you to add even more volume and power to your voice and ours by working together in strengthening our advocacy work world-wide.  read...

August 20, 2010
Link to Megalommatis articleread...

August 3, 2010

I am writing this letter on behalf of the Solidarity Movement for a New Ethiopia (SMNE),1 a grassroots social justice movement of diverse Ethiopians, working to bring freedom, justice, democracy, the rule of law, equality, civility, reconciliation and the respect for human and civil rights to Ethiopia.

Reading the many hate-filled and inflammatory articles by Dr. Muhammad Shamsaddin Megalommatis, where he “sympathetically” aligns with one group as he viciously attacks others, has left us with no choice but to alert and warn the public and supporting websites. We ask all to refuse to promote these kinds of vicious personal attacks on individuals, ethnicities and religious groups that may incite ethnic and religious based violence in Ethiopia and the Horn of Africa. We are now taking action in reporting this to the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and looking for other international bodies who may take action against promulgators of this kind of incendiary hate speech.   read...

July 17, 2010
SMNE Will not Proceed with Plans for an Ethiopian Stakeholders’ Meeting
The Solidarity Movement for a New Ethiopia (SMNE) announces the decision to not proceed in the planning of a meeting of Ethiopian stakeholders, meant to explore ways to collaborate with each other on achieving shared goals for the purpose of bringing freedom, justice, the rule of law, equality, civility, the respect for human rights and improved living conditions to all Ethiopians.    read...               read in Amharic

July 13, 2010

Most of us have heard about the 74 people killed and some 70 more wounded in Kampala, Uganda when three bombs exploded that had been planted at an Ethiopian restaurant and rugby field. Among the dead were Ethiopians, as well as Ugandans, Eritreans, Indians and an American. We greatly mourn the death of all of those lost in this tragic event.    

June 27, 2010
Follow up to Invitation to Ethiopian Stakeholders’ Meeting: Beginning the Dialogue Towards Collaboration
This is a follow-up to the invitation recently given to all Ethiopian stakeholder’s to take part in a meeting—the actual date, yet to be set—with the goal of exploring ways to achieve some basic goals in Ethiopia that we could agree on as important first steps to enhancing our society to the benefit of all of us.   
read...                 read in Amharic                read the list of Stakeholders

June 20, 2010
Open Letter to The Right Honourable Stephen Harper, Prime Minister of Canada
We in the Solidarity Movement for a New Ethiopia call on the Canadian government to rescind the invitation of Meles Zenawi to the upcoming G-20 Summit meeting in Toronto.    read... 

June 17, 2010
Letter to All Ethiopian Stakeholders
As we now know, the "election" is over and Meles has claimed a majority victory of an absurd 99.6%. Our country has been divided into pieces threatening the survival of all of us. We must reflect on what has gone wrong without endlessly concentrating on the past for our past grievances, offenses and embittered relationships are no longer sufficient justification to put our future at risk. We must seek healing and resolution, based on our shared humanity, our shared future and our very existence as the people of Ethiopia.    read...               read in Amharic

June 7, 2010
Open Letter to Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton, Concerning Peace and Stability in Ethiopia and the Horn of Africa
Dear Secretary Clinton: We, the Solidarity Movement for a New Ethiopia, seek to learn how the recent Ethiopian National election, which you and others have acknowledged as not meeting international standards, will affect future US foreign policies with this illegitimately-elected government. Will you now choose to side with the democratic movement of the people or will you continue with the status quo, supporting a dictator who has stolen the votes of the people?   read...

June 3, 2010

An Open Letter to the Professor Ephrem Isaac and Ethiopian Elders
Dear Prof. Ephrem Isaac and Ethiopian Elders: We, in the Solidarity Movement for a New Ethiopia (SMNE), want to address the urgent crisis in Ethiopia following the illegitimate results of the recent Ethiopian National election. What you do right now will either bring our country down to greater destruction or could instead, revive the dead bones of Freedom, Justice, Truth and Democracy already lying in their graves among the millions of other dead Ethiopians, victims of the EPRDF regime of Meles Zenawi!  read...       read in Amharic... 

June 1, 2010
Let Us Keep the Flame of ESAT Alive!
We, the SMNE, would like to take this opportunity to sincerely thank the visionary leaders who conceived the idea of the Ethiopian Satellite Television (ESAT) and implemented this vision through ESAT’s Board of Advisors, producers, editors and the entire team at ESAT, who have been working day and night over the last weeks and months to bring this vision to life; even successfully launching it prior to the recent Ethiopian National Election.  read...       read in Amharic... 

May 28, 2010
Open Letter to the Sons and Daughters of Ethiopia
The election is over and the EPRDF states they have won 99.6% of the positions; winning every seat of Parliament except one and they call this a multi-party system. A figure such as this leaves no doubt of the lack of any political space in Ethiopia. It is surprising though because it shows little attempt on the part of the Meles-run regime to pretend that the election process was free and fair.  read... 

May 22, 2010
Ethiopians in Japan: The Burdens They Face are Ours to Share,
Obang’s Report from Japan

Ethiopians are living all over the world and Japan is no exception... Japanese immigration policies prohibit refugees—and their children—from ever becoming permanent resident or citizens, from getting a job or from enjoying some of the basic privileges of native born Japanese. Refugees were required to renew their visa status every month, until last month into every six months. I am told; often face resistance from Japanese government officials who do not want to give them extensions.   read... 

April 28, 2010
Open Letter to UDJ (Unity for Democracy and Justice) Leaders; Particularly Professor Mesfin Woldemariam and Engineer Gizachew Shiferaw, and Leaders of Medrek

Dear respected leaders of the UDJ; Professor Mesfin Woldemariam and Engineer Gizachew Shiferaw:
Ethiopians are again at a critical crossroads in our struggle for freedom, justice, the rule of law and the respect of human and civil rights in Ethiopia. A conflict has arisen between Professor Mesfin and Engineer Gizachew Shiferaw creating two different factions of the UDJ, one working in coalition with Medrek and the other, independent of Medrek.    read... 

April 10, 2010
Embracing Truth: A Means to End a Culture of Impunity in Ethiopia and the Horn of Africa

Address to Ethiopians at “Ethiopia and the Horn of Africa Conference on Governance, Peace, Security and Development,” Washington, DC
I hope this meeting is a beginning to not only talk, but that it will lead to action that will benefit all of us. It has been a wonderful experience so far to come together to listen, to learn and to hear different views on a region of the world about which we all care deeply. I was asked to talk about the campaign to end impunity, but I changed the title to: Embracing Truth:...  read... 

April 6, 2010
Horn of Africa Conference Could Shake Foundation of Flawed System of Exclusionary Dictatorships
This coming weekend, from April 9-11, a historic gathering will be held at the Double Tree Hotel in Washington D.C., organized by Advocacy for Ethiopia and the Ethiopian National Priorities Consultative Process.

The keynote speaker will be Ana Gomes, a member of the European Parliament and the former head of the EU’s 2005 Ethiopian election observation team as well as speakers from the US State Department, the US Congress, think tanks, non-governmental organizations involved in Africa and notable members of the Horn of Africa Diaspora.   read... 

April 3, 2010
Security Forces Clamp Down in Gambella as Shootings, intimidation, rumors of large-scale arrests and more troops Threaten Region

Military water truck in front of church

New threats are again on the rise in Gambella as the Meles government attempts to exert increasing federal control of the region, leading to new clampdowns against civilians. Many believe that these actions are meant to suppress the deepening local protest over the increasing land-grabs, the upcoming pre-determined election—where names of election ‘winners’ have already been leaked—and to the increasing pressure by government authorities on the citizens to cover up the real perpetrators of the 2003 genocide of the Anuak by attributing the blame to the Anuak themselves.   read...

March 29, 2010
Open letter to Secretary of Defense Robert M. Gates, Concerning Peace and Stability in Ethiopia and the Horn of Africa
Dear Secretary Robert Gates, I am contacting you on behalf of the Solidarity Movement for a New Ethiopia, a social justice movement of diverse Ethiopians committed to bringing sustainable freedom, justice, human rights, equality and the rule of law to Ethiopia.

As the Pentagon seeks a new US approach to involvement in Ethiopia, the Horn of Africa and Africa as a whole, we ask you, Mr. Secretary, to consider new ways to more closely align with the freedom movement of the Ethiopian people as the best means of ensuring a strong and productive relationship in the future.  read... (pdf)

Solidarity Movement for a New Ethiopia has a channel on YouTube

Come view a series of videos already posted.




March 24, 2010
Urgent Medical Alert for Birtukan Mideksa

© AI Birtukan Mideksa

Information we have obtained in the past few days regarding Birtukan's physical and mental health have concerned us in the extreme.  Birtukan's situation has been steadily getting worse since she was released from solitary confinement, where she spent more than six months.  However, the following recent events have heightened our concern.  read...


March 23, 2010
UK props up corrupt Ethiopian government
Press Release for Third World Solidarity

At a recent meeting of the APPG on Third World Solidarity Obang Metho, Ethiopian human rights activist and director of Solidarity Movement for a New Ethiopia, told parliamentarians, journalists and other attendees that the British government is propping up the corrupt regime in Ethiopia.   read...

March 20, 2010
The Beginning of Regional Integration in the Horn: Extending the Hand of Friendship
Mr. Obang Metho Addresses Ethiopian-Eritrean in San Jose, California
When I ask the question, “Why are we here today,” I can say that it is because our political experiment of the last thirty years did not work. It did not work for Ethiopians and it did not work for Eritreans. The second question before us today is, “So, what do we do now?”  We have an idea of what we want our success to look like, but the difficult part is how do we get from here to there?  read...

March 13, 2010
Urgent appeal to individual Ethiopians and to the leaders of Ethiopian
This is an urgent appeal to individual Ethiopians and to the leaders of Ethiopian groups who are in a position to mobilize their supporters. Ethiopia is in grave danger! We must do something!  read...

March 10, 2010
Open Letter to Mr. Thomas, Department for International Development
Dear Mr. Thomas,
Thank you and the Department of International Development for your December 15, 2009 response to my letter of November 6, 2009, on behalf of the Solidarity Movement for a New Ethiopia (SMNE), where we expressed strong concerns regarding the alleged improper use of UK humanitarian and development assistance to Ethiopia by the Ethiopian government of Prime Minister Meles Zenawi.   read...

March 8, 2010
Letter to Justice Navanathem Pillay, U.N. High Commissioner for Human Rights

Dr. Gregory Stanton - Genocide Watch
No one has ever been brought to justice in Ethiopia for the massacre of 424 Anuak in Gambella, Ethiopia on December 13-16, 2003, and genocidal massacres that killed one thousand more Anuak in 2004... A culture of impunity exists. Investigation by the High Commissioner for Human Rights is critical.    read...

Audio Icon Listen to Dr. Stanton's interview with Voice of America.

February 15, 2010
What Would You Do if You were Prime Minister of Ethiopia?
Instead of addressing the question of what I would do as a prime minister, I will focus on what I would suggest potential political leaders should do now and at such a time of crisis should this government collapse quickly and unexpectedly.    read... 

January 23, 2010
Notice to Ethiopians: You are Being Evicted from Ethiopia — You are Unwanted!

Tractors brought to Gambella

Imagine this notice being posted in Ethiopia:
People of Ethiopia:
You are hereby warned; you are being given notice of your eviction from the country. You are no longer welcome here. Find a new place to live. We do not care where. All we want is your land, water and resources. They are no longer yours; but now are ours. If you resist, you will suffer the consequences. On the other hand, if you are willing to become part of a neo-slave labor force or to silently give up any claims to anything, you may stay as long as you are useful and compliant. We and our partners stand to make millions, if not billions, from this new economic investment and we will tolerate NO interference from you!
Truly not yours,
                                                The Anti-Ethiopian TPLF/EPRDF government of the few elite and entitled

January 12, 2010
Haitians were there for Ethiopians in 1934 at their time of need, will we be th ere for them now?


The news, images and stories coming out of Haiti in the aftermath of the earthquake that shook the capital city of Port-au-Prince and the surrounding areas on Tuesday are unimaginably heart-wrenching. 

Beyond our sympathy, we Ethiopians cannot sit by and do nothing. That is why we, the members of the SMNE with our mission of putting humanity above anything else, are compelled to help the best we can with financial donations to these people.   read... 

Listen and view excellent videos detailing news and stories of the crisis at Democracy Now.

The Underlying Tragedy, by David Brooks, The New York Times

January 12, 2010
An Open Letter to President Barack Obama Concerning Peace and Stability in Ethiopia and the Horn of Africa

Map of Africa

Dear President Obama: I am writing you on behalf of the Solidarity Movement for a New Ethiopia, a grassroots social justice movement whose mission is to mobilize Ethiopians in the Diaspora and within Ethiopia...The looming crisis in Ethiopia and the Horn of Africa can no longer be ignored or addressed through “behind-closed-doors” quiet diplomacy. Such diplomacy has essentially covered up the evil actions of one of the most repressive and brutal regimes in Africa. Peace and stability in the Horn will be impossible while he is in power even while millions are spent in its pursuit.   read... 
read in Amharic... 

January 5, 2010
An Open Letter to my Fellow Ethiopians for the New Year: Reflection Brings Questions
I live a simple life, without many of the “extras.” In fact, the truth is, even maintaining this has been quite a struggle. Recently, it has caused me to really question myself as to how long I can continue this way. The holiday season has a way of only increasing such introspection. As a result, I have found myself engulfed in an inner dialogue, a conflict of sorts, about my soul, my life and the purposes God has given me in this life. It is all inextricably interwoven with my motherland, Ethiopia, Africa and after six years of this work, what my response should be in 2010 to this continuing crisis.   read...