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Humanity before Ethnicity

Friends of Ethiopia

We welcome all people of any background to join the Solidarity Movement for a New Ethiopia as “Friends of Ethiopia.” You do not have to be Ethiopian, but simply be someone who cares about lending a hand to stop the genocide, human rights abuses, injustice and the repression of freedom of the nearly 80 million people who live in this strategic country in the Horn of Africa.

You may have learned about the horrendous difficulties facing Ethiopians through meeting one of the millions of Ethiopians living outside of Ethiopia in countries all over the world. In some cases, they have fled from Ethiopia in search of freedom and protection; in other cases, they came looking for opportunities that do not exist within the country. You may be a friend, a work colleague, a neighbor, a fellow-student, a teacher or a co-member of an organization or religious group. You may be an adoptive parent of an Ethiopian child or an ardent supporter of freedom and justice; whatever your reasons, we welcome your involvement.

The Solidarity Movement for a New Ethiopia is based on universal principles of “humanity before ethnicity” and the belief that “no one will beis free until all are free.” We believe societies that most value and protect their people are societies most likely to ensure personal freedoms, justice, equality, transparent governance and opportunity; all of which can bring more sustainable peace and harmony.

We seek individuals, families, social justice groups, legal advocacy groups, faith communities, student groups, academic organizations and corporations to raise awareness, to complete special projects, to advocate within their sphere of influence and to raise funds to financially support the work of the Solidarity Movement.

For more information about becoming a Friend of Ethiopia or about forming your own group, please contact us at smne@solidaritymovement.org .