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Humanity before Ethnicity

List of Ethiopian Stakeholders

Political groups

  1. Unity for Democracy and Justice;
  2. United Ethiopian Democratic Forces;
  3. Ethiopian People’s Revolutionary Party (Democratic);
  4. All-Ethiopia Socialist Movement;
  5. Aarena Tigray;
  6. All-Amhara People’s Organization;
  7. Ethiopian Democratic Hibrehizb Unity Movement;
  8. Ethiopian Medhin Democratic Party;
  9. Ginbot 7 Movement for Justice, Freedom and Democracy;
  10. Ethiopian People’s Patriotic Front;
  11. Gambella People’s Liberation Front;
  12. Ethiopian National United Front;
  13. Crown Council of Ethiopia;
  14. Oromo People’s Liberation Front;
  15. Tigrean Alliance for Democracy;
  16. Tatek Ethiopian Democratic Unity Force;

Civic organizations

  1. Advocacy for Ethiopia;
  2. Ethiopian Human Rights Council;
  3. Ethiopian National Congress;
  4. Ethiopian Association Human Rights Committee;
  5. Ethiopian Canadian Citizens League;
  6. East African Human Rights Coalition;
  7. Free Birtukan and All Prisoners of Conscience;
  8. Ethiopian Border Affairs Committee;
  9. Ethiopian Americans Council;
  10. Ethiopians International Committee;
  11. The National Priorities Consultative Process;
  12. Ethiopian Student Association International;
  13. Oromo American Citizen Council;
  14. Ogaden Human Rights Committee;
  15. Afar Human Rights Organization;
  16. Solidarity Committee for Ethiopian Political Prisoners – Canada;
  17. Benishangul-Gumuz Human Rights Foundation;
  18. Gasha for Ethiopia;
  19. Southern Ethiopia Peoples action group;
  20. DIIPER Research Centre in Denmark;
  21. Anuak Justice Council;
  22. Solidarity Committee for Ethiopian Political Prisoners;
  23. Ethiopian Media Association International;
  24. Ethiopian Free Press Journalists' Association;
  25. Ethiopian Institute for Nonviolence;
  26. Ethiopian Free Press Journalists’ Association;
  27. Unity for Human Rights and Democracy;
  28. Mahdere Andinet Ethiopian Association;
  29. Ethiopian Veterans Association;
  30. Ethiopian Unity Diaspora Forum;
  31. Ethiopian Dialogue for Peace and Common Ground

Religious groups

  1. Holy Synod of the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church in Exile;
  2. Badr Ethiopia (BE) International Ethiopian Muslims Organization
  3. Ethiopian Evangelical Christian Association
  4. Organization of Ethiopian Muslims
  5. Ethiopian Evangelical Church Mekane Yesus

Women groups

  1. Ethiopian Women for Peace and Development,
  2. Ethiopian Women Lawyers Association
  3. International Ethiopian Women's Organization

Youth groups

  1. Ethiopian Youth Association
  2. Ogaden Youth Network
  3. International Oromo Youth Association

Medias or websites

  1. Abbay Media,
  2. Abugida,
  3. Addis Voice,
  4. Addis Neger
  5. Ethiopian Review
  6. Assimba Room
  7. cyberethiopia
  8. Ethiomedia
  9. Ethioforum,
  10. EcadForum,
  11. Ethioguardian,
  12. EthioSun,
  13. Ethio Muslims Interfaith Dialogue
  14. EthioQuestNews,
  15. ethiopiazare
  16. QaleRoom
  17. Quatero